Pin inserting machine

DETZO designs and produces pin inserting machine for a wide range of electrical components: lens coil, transformer coil, relay coil, inductor coil, inverter coil, valve coil, ignition coil, adapter coil, switch coil, car horn coil, primary coil, mirror coil, air coil, voice coil and related coil.

Our pin insertion machines are available in offering electronics manufacturers an ideal combination of flexibility and throughput for both high-mix and high-volume production environments.

All of our pin inserting machines with the features:

  • Automatic continuous working makes cycle times reduce.
  • Designed for convenience and ease of operation.
  • Accurately engineered.
  • Long service life.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • It is equipped with PLC system, touch panel, and AC servo motor.
  • Password function is provided to prevent the program from modified by a non-related person.
  • Safety door open/closed automatic.

We can help our customers achieve reliable and consistent production. We will be happy to customize the specifications to make the pin insertion equipment suitable for your production process. For details, please contact DETZO right now.

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